About Us

Felippe Cleaning offers quality cleaning services with the use of environmentally safe products that are good for you, good for us and good for the planet.

Felippe Cleaning is a GREEN, local, family owned and operated business; always have been, and always will be.

Not only are we in the cleaning business… We are in the TRUST business… That, and our quality separates us from our competitors!

We are NOT a franchise. We have, and continue to, grow our business organically. We take our time to listen to needs, praises, and concerns. We prefer to do things the right way the first time.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Green Cleaning

We Believe a Clean Earth Is as Important as a Clean Home


Felippe Cleaning pledges to use only products that we would trust in our own homes. That means we only use organic, plant-based and biodegradable products that provide an effective clean yet are gentle on your environment. We truly care about the health and safety of your family and our employees, giving you peace of mind when hiring us for a house clean. Here at Felippe Cleaning, we use Earth-conscious products that are in harmony with the ecosystem through all phases, from manufacturing through disposal. Plus, the equipment we use is state-of-the-art, able to remove stains, eliminate odors and protect your home or office from bacteria, mold and mites.

We want you to feel safe knowing that your home or business is as clean as it can be, as safely as it can be.

Felippe Cleaning is a family run business, striving to bring the highest quality cleaning service to your homes and offices with the use of environmentally safe cleaning products.